Roy Magne Berglund

I have always enjoyed working and had the urge to create! Carpentry and construction have long been hobbies of mine, and I find it liberating to draw and paint. Creating things has always brought me joy. Whether developing restaurants or cafes, baking bread or creating sweet creations in the confectioner's spirit - all of these things are so similar.

Cooking competitions have given me the drive to continue. Their breadth and excitement, and the demand to perform under pressure have challenged and delighted me.

Being an innovator can be very demanding. The constant chase, the liberating feeling of finding the solution and making the decisions by yourself, it is so incredibly satisfying! With this as a backdrop, I have restored a small outhouse in my garden and turned it into a private restaurant and culinary playground where I can discover myself. 

Welcome to my little world!
Roy Magne Berglund

  • 1998 Northern Norwegian master of the culinary arts

    1999 Northern Norwegian master of the culinary arts

    2000 Finalist in the Norwegian Culinary Arts Championship

    2001-2004 Member of the Norwegian National Culinary Team

    2001 Named “Fish Chef” of the year

    2002 Norwegian National Culinary team gold medal winners for the Battle of the Lion in Singapore

    2003 Roy Magne’s restaurant named as the best coastal kitchen in Europe

    2003 Roy Magne named “Chef of the year”

    2003 Finalist “Chef of the year”

    2004 Olympiad with the Norwegian National Culinary Team, Erfurt

    2009 Winner of the “Taste of Norway” culinary competition on Norwegian TV2

    2011 Food ambassador for Lofoten

    2013 Named “best region” in “Det Norske Måltid” (A Norwegian competition naming the best food and beverage products in the country”


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